Palm Beach Pergola Engineers Modern Solutions for Rain and Shade

Originally based out of Jupiter, FL, Palm Beach Pergola has set the standard for modern backyard shade for years, which transforms customers’ leisure time into luxurious living.

Palm Beach Pergola is recognized today as the best Azenco Louvered Roof Dealer in Florida. For years, their elegant outdoor products have dominated the pergola industry by creating luxurious backyard coverings for some of the most sun-intensive environments. Besides their visual appeal, the company’s pergolas are highly durable and functional to emulate lavish spa-style relaxation right in customers’ backyards.

The company, once based in Jupiter, FL, acknowledges that architects for most residential homes in the area (and many commercial venues) have devoted a lot of focus to their decks and pools, but have overlooked major opportunities to create shade. Palm Beach Pergola proves to be a valuable and elegant solution that transforms outdoor spaces into versatile and comfortable entertaining areas.

Customers of Palm Beach Pergola can receive quality, long-lasting structures that let in light when needed and provide shade against harmful UV rays. Vertical and horizontal roof beams filter light from above while the lack of solid walls allows wind to pass through and cool off the area underneath.

All the products made by Palm Beach Pergola are lauded for their beauty and usefulness, transforming the privacy of their customers’ backyards into resort living lifestyles. In the past, classic pergolas were typically used to give pedestrians shade in areas such as walkways, entrances, frame openings or other forms of simple shade in entertaining or relaxing areas. Thanks to their increasing popularity, variety, and elegance, pergolas created today are versatile outdoor structures that can be crafted to fit customer needs — no matter the shape, size, or finish. This allows them to blend into backyards and existing architecture seamlessly while amping up the overall aesthetic of outdoor spaces.

Palm Beach Pergola solves an age-old problem with style and class: protecting people from heat exhaustion and excessive sun exposure while they lounge in the comfort of their own backyards. People today don’t have to rely on umbrellas, canopies, and awnings that provide only limited coverage. Instead, they can invest in a patented louvered slide system that allows them to control the amount of cover provided by pergolas. Palm Beach Pergola roof slats can be easily adjusted to block out all types of weather, ultimately protecting the people and furniture underneath.

With quality Palm Beach Pergola products , customers receive the perfect state-of-the-art answer to controlling the effects of weather and enhancing the appeal of their backyards.

Originally published at on July 10, 2020.




Palm Beach Pergola is the best Azenco Louvered Roof Dealer in Florida.Originally located in Jupiter, Florida. Palm Beach Pergola designs the largest and most.

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Palm Beach Pergola

Palm Beach Pergola

Palm Beach Pergola is the best Azenco Louvered Roof Dealer in Florida.Originally located in Jupiter, Florida. Palm Beach Pergola designs the largest and most.

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