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PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 15, 2021 / — Bob McAllister is the Founder and CEO of Palm Beach Pergola which is the exclusive Azenco Louvered Roof System distributor for Palm Beach and Broward county.

If you are looking for an Azenco Louvered Roof System, you have come to the right place. Palm Beach Pergola provides shade for Residential and Commercial properties in South Florida with a beautiful Azenco Louvered Roof System.

Azenco Louvered Roof System and Its Roots
The founder of Palm Beach Pergola, Bob McAllister, has been creating louvered roofs for over six years and has experience dealing with various architectural challenges. He admits, he has made mistakes along the way, and has perfected the art of the Louvered Roof!

The Azenco Louvered Roof System That You Can Enjoy
In addition to designing an excellent Azenco Louvered Roof System, Palm Beach Pergola works with the most up-to-date technical resources available. This includes the latest Bluetooth available that has the roof be user-friendly as possible.

Palm Beach Pergola works with the Azenco Louvered Roof System because they are only interested in providing the very best finished products and the most glamorous jobs to customers. All of the installers and designers that work with this company have been with Bob from the start and have experience that few have in this industry.

Benefits of the Azenco Louvered Roof System
There are many benefits that come with the Azenco Louvered Roof System. It is fully modular, comes with twin-wall louvers, there is no visible hardware, and the materials are all high-quality aluminum. The Azenco Louvered Roof is by far the best system we have worked with, says Bob. It is a very handsome design, with no Bolts showing which give a very clean look. And more importantly this system does not leak! Thanks to the rain and wind sensors, you will have the confidence with this system to have the most elegant furniture covered and protected from the elements. We can add motorized screens and cooling/heating systems to create the perfect outdoor room.

Azenco Louvered Roof System — The Takeaway
Anyone interested in working with Bob McAllister and Palm Beach Pergola can learn all about the Azenco Louvered Roof System and everything it offers by calling 561–632–6260 or This is a roof system that is functional in a multitude of ways and very appealing in terms of aesthetics. If you live in South Florida, you can quickly get in touch with these professionals and look into getting one of these systems for your residential or commercial building.

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